Who taught you what you know about money? Think about it. Has anyone ever actually talked with you in an unbiased way about money? 

Sure maybe your parents did but did they actually know all that much? Is what they knew still useful today? In many cases its probably not. 

Its not their fault. After all, who taught them about money?

Let’s take your mortgage for example. I’m sure you read the contract right? Or did you just take your brokers word for it? How much of what he told you do you actually remember? 

This is the problem with money. There is very little unbiased advice available. Furthermore, when there is unbiased advice, it is often not the best. 

At Safe Money Partners we have always believed in education first. We believe it for ourselves, our families, our business, and our clients. We are constantly educating ourselves on all available strategies available to our clients. We then turn around and give that knowledge away for free to anyone who wants it through our regular seminars. 

When we say anyone, we mean anyone. We routinely teach our “competition” and have even helped on cases of competing firms numerous times. 

Wouldn’t you like to learn about money from the folks that teach the other money folks how to do it right?