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Break Free From The
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Keep More of Your Money Now and in Retirement

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Our Mission: Helping You Keep More of What you Earn, & Earn More On What You Keep

At Safe Money Partners, we educate our clients so they can start learning more about how taxes impact retirement and their financial future. Then, we help find opportunities to create and build wealth with the money they already have.

Americans have a choice. You can have the government’s retirement plan or you can create your own custom plan that gives you the freedom of choice and keep more of your hard-earned income, and increase it!

  • One plan naturally SEPARATES you from the tax-trap that is the TRADITIONAL system. The other plan HANDCUFFS you because you never read the ‘fine print’.
  • One plan provides you with LIQUIDITY all through your working years. The other plan locks away your money so you are forced to acquire debt every time you are in a pinch.
  • One plan encourages you to grow additional tax-free assets for use anytime. The other plan discourages growth often with high fees and underperforming investment options.

Our well-rounded team can help give you the power to have control over the choices available to you now and in retirement. Start making your money work for you, instead of “waiting” for retirement. Maintain and improve your current lifestyle by creating a plan that encompasses your entire financial life.

How Much of Your Monthly Payment
Goes Towards Interest?

Calculate Your Effective Interest Cost

Use this tool to help you understand how to calculate the interest you’re ACTUALLY paying on your debts.

Use the Calculator

How Much of Your Monthly Payment Goes Towards Interest?

Use this tool to help you understand how to calculate the interest you’re ACTUALLY paying on your debts.

Use the Calculator

What Percentage Of Your Money Hasn’t Been Taxed Yet?

Use this tool to find out what percentage of your money in various accounts has yet to be taxed and what that amount will be.

Use the Calculator


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R&D Tax Credits

The Research & Development Tax Credit was originally enacted as a Federal Tax Program in 1981 and was designed to encourage American investment in innovation. In 2004, tax regulation changes significantly expanded the credit opportunity.

Today, the credit is accessible to many small and medium sized companies whose activities include design, manufacturing and process improvements. Who and what qualifies as research and development (R&D) is much broader than most realize. Activities and costs related with developing or improving a product and/or process often qualify for R&D tax credits. Furthermore, engineering, design, testing, and programming are now included as Qualified Research Activities (QRE).

The benefits of having an R&D Tax Credit Study performed would be:

  • Dollar for dollar credit against taxes owed or previously paid
  • Carry forward credit for future profitable years
  • Immediate increase in company cash flow
  • Credit average is over $25,000 per $1,000,000 in total company payroll

An initial consultation is done over the phone with one of our R&D Specialists to identify potential Qualified Research Expenditures (QRE). If qualifications are identified, will collect an authorization to begin working on the client’s behalf. No fee is charged until credits are identified and utilization is verified with the client’s accounting representation.

Learn More

Employee Retention Tax Credits

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC) program was created by Congress to help employers affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Employers are now allowed to access both the PPP and the ERC.

Work meeting discussing operationsThe ERC us a refundable payroll tax-credit.Up to $5,000 per employee for 202 and up to $28,000 per employee for 2021. If an employer had a significant decline in revenues or had to fully suspend business operations due to government orders, they qualify for ERC.

**Significant decline in revenue is defined as:

  • For 2020 a 50% decline in revenues in any quarter compared to the same quarter in 2019.
  • For 2021 a 20% decline in revenues in any quarter compared to the same quarter in 2019. ERC ends when the quarterly revenue in 2020 exceeds 80% for the same quarter in 2019.
**If the employer does not meet the revenue threshold, they may still qualify if they experienced either a partial or full shut-down of business operations.

2020 Credit Amount:

  • 50% of up to $10,000 qualified wages per year for full-time employees
  • Max credit of %5,000 per employee
  • Wages total cannot include those paid by foreign PPP loan proceeds

2021 Credit Amount:

  • 70% of up to $10,000 qualified wages per quarter for all of 2021 quarters
    Max credit of $28,000 per employee

What we do:

  • Determine and document qualifications for ERC
  • Calculate the ERC, including the forgiven PPP amount if applicable
  • File the relevant documents with the iRS
  • Defend claims if required by audit

Who We Work With

Safe Money Partners wants our clients to succeed. We don’t work with just anyone. We work with those who are hungry and willing to take bold steps to secure their financial future.


The 401k Life Boat

Many people invest part of their salary into their 401k through their employer. This may be the ONLY retirement plan they have. We put together a list of questions you – or your advisor – should be able to easily answer about your 401k and how it’s managed to make sure you’re set up for success.

Download the 401k Questions eBook 

“I am truly grateful for both of you, Jeff and Bryan, and all your help over the last couple of years! I came to you as a single mom in debt and hated even talking about money. You have no idea how great it feels to not stress over money everyday. I would have never been able to even consider buying a home and paying off debt without your help. It all seemed so overwhelming and I appreciate your patience, faith, and genuine caring. You have had an amazing impact on my life and I will be forever thankful.”


“After meeting with Jeff and understanding the plan he recommended for my and my wife’s retirement, I have never felt more secure in our future.  He offers sound advice and solutions that I’ve not received from other advisors.  I can’t recommend him more.”

~Joseph D.

“Praise and thanking our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Thank you for all that you do!”

~Mona & Kevin

“Just a note to let you know how thankful I am for your help building a better retirement strategy.  All my life I thought retirement planning was as simple as putting money in a tax-deferred investment tool.

LPA helped open my eyes to new possibilities that will help me keep more of my money and protect myself from the wolves.  The personal attention I get from LPA is unprecedented, having worked with several traditional retirement strategists over the course of the past couple decades.”

~Darryl S.

“Having multiple sources of income, along with, multiple retirements, we were almost certain that our financial future was set. What we didn’t understand, was “the old way” of financial planning no longer existed.

In a sense, we were paying the government to use our monies (investment) and not ourselves.

Implementing a new financial strategy, and becoming more tax-aware, has provided us with the knowledge and understanding on how to make our monies work for us, as we create and secure the future that we only dreamt about.”

~Don & Jackie C.

“You enhanced our retirement planning and we realized how knowledgeable and honest you were. We were also very comfortable with your non-pressure approach to our planning and you answered all questions we had. Now that we know how much we can trust you; you have become our “go to guy” for all our retirement planning.

We consider you a member of our family. You’re a very special and knowledgeable professional!!!”


“I have enjoyed being educated and gaining the knowledge to save for my future retirement. Looking forward to learning more… I can’t thank you enough!”

~Lisa O.

“Before working with [Safe Money Partners], we thought at retirement age, we’d be able to enjoy the financial freedoms where we could live the kind of lifestyle that we only dreamed of. When [Safe Money Partners] asked us questions like “what does our current financial (retirement) future look like” and “Do we have enough retirement to live comfortably, as we currently do”, that’s when we realized we didn’t know.”

~Don and Jackie C.

“Working with [Safe Money Partners], I learned a lot about interest rates and figured out the best plan of attack. Making sure I’m on top of everything. Making sure I keep my debts down low. That way I’m able to put more money towards a college fund [for my kids] and my retirement.”


“Thank you, Jeff, for helping plan my financial future.  After becoming a widow unexpectedly, I didn’t know if I could remain in my house, let alone afford retirement.  You showed me that I could not only have a tax-free retirement income but also leave a sizeable estate for my children.  It is such a relief to not have to worry about money!”

~Susan M.

Helpful Resources

The Debt Snowball Ebook

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3 Disadvantages of Saving with a 403(b) Plan Ebook

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Debt Free for Life Webinar

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