Jeff Mohlman

Jeff is our Risk Management Specialist and Retirement Income Expert here at Safe Money Partners. His long history in financial planning allows him the ability to craft complex strategies not readily available off the shelf. This coupled with a lifetime’s worth of industry relationships makes Jeff an incredible asset to any team. Yours, and ours. 

Bryan Pitstick

Bryan is our Human Resources and Executive Benefit Specialist. This means he works with Business owners and executives to maximize employee retention as well as reward key members of their staff. This includes owners. Bryan also volunteers time for Debt Free Dayton, through his association with the Society for Financial Awareness. 

Jeremy Adam

Jeremy is our Chief of Operations here at Safe Money Partners. Aside from making everything run the way it should, he is also one of our lead presenters for workshops and seminars. Chances are very good that if you are talking to somebody here on chat, you are talking with Jeremy. 

Kyle Williams

Kyle is our resident Your Family Bank specialist. This amazing financial strategy takes the guess work and struggle our of debt elimination. Kyle is able to show normal people how to be free from lenders in 9 years or less including their mortgage without spending any additional money. Kyle has a long history in the financial industry and brings that knowledge to it’s highest and best use in helping clients all over their country to kick debt once and for all.