Institute of Business & Finance Announces a New CTS™ Designee

San Diego, CA, July 6, 2021 – The Institute of Business & Finance (IBF) recently awarded Jeffrey Mohlman with the only nationally recognized tax designation, CTS™ (Certified Tax Specialist™). This graduate-level designation is conferred upon candidates who complete an 135+ hour educational program focusing on personal income taxes and methods to reduce tax liability. The combined top state and federal bracket […]

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Best Budgeting Tools for Smarter Money Management

Nearly all financial moves begin with the assumption that you understand where your money is going every month, and that means you need to have a system for money management. Budgeting isn’t always easy. Many don’t have a budget at all, and others have tried budgeting but have given up.

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How to Get Back on Track After Spending Your Emergency Savings

You had emergency savings and found yourself needing it. You were thankful you took the time to build your savings, but now it feels like starting from square one all over again, and after weathering a financial situation that necessitated the need for your emergency savings, the idea of getting back on track may feel […]

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What if You Haven’t Saved Enough for Retirement?

When you first begin your career as a young adult, retirement seems far away and not tangible enough to worry about. You start contributing to accounts, but you may not think about it beyond that. Then later, no matter how much you’ve saved and how early you’ve started, the worry kicks in. Did I do […]

Where Does All Your Money Go?

If you can pay your bills every month, you may not feel like you need to create a budget. Many adults associate budgeting with deprivation and restrictions. However, budgeting is simply a way to understand where your money goes. When you create a budget, you set yourself up for financial success.

Overcoming Financial Anxiety

Financial anxiety is real and it can be paralyzing. You may feel physically sick when you think about the debt you have, the savings you don’t, or what would happen to your family if you lost your job. When you have anxiety, it’s easy to try and calm yourself by avoiding the situation, but that’s not going […]

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Planning for Your Retirement Income Needs

For many people, the dream of a retirement rich with financial comforts has become overshadowed by financial stress and anxiety. People are living longer, making it harder to ensure you don’t run out of money during your retirement. Having the resources needed to live the kind of life you envision during retirement is totally possible. With […]

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How to Become a Saver When You’re a Spender

Some people are savers, while others are natural spenders. If you aren’t a saver, you know that you probably should be, but changing your habits isn’t always easy. Most of our tendencies are formed early on. Maybe you were a child who loved seeing your piggy bank get more and more full as you added […]

What it Really Means if You Have Savings and Debt

Having a robust savings account feels good. Especially in these uncertain times it can be reassuring to know that you have money available if something, such as a job loss or a medical emergency, threatens your financial future. However, savings is only part of your financial picture. To truly assess your financial health, you need […]

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Which Payment Type Can Help You Stick to a Budget?

Sticking to a budget isn’t always easy, and plenty of adults look for things that can help. Different apps, payment types, and cards may help you sort through the different methods and find the budgeting approach that you can stick to.