Debunking 4 Debt Consolidation Myths

If you’re currently paying off several different debts, such as if you have a number of credit cards with high balances, then you might be tempted to consolidate your debts. To consolidate your debt, you’ll be provided with a loan that covers all of your debts. You can then pay off all your debts and then you’ll […]

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Truth About Debt Consolidation

Getting out of debt can be frustratingly difficult, especially if you have multiple credit cards and loans with high-interest rates that you’re desperately trying to pay down. One solution that you might be considering is debt consolidation.

Is it Smart to Get a Consolidation Loan for Credit Card Debt?

Most people have experienced financial stress in their lives. Maxed out credit cards, rent hikes, and unexpected bills have a way of bringing us all to our breaking points, no matter how close we try to stick to our budget. If you are making the minimum monthly payments just to stay afloat, you know how […]

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Debt Consolidation

Is debt consolidation the right way to go?