Overcoming Financial Anxiety

Financial anxiety is real and it can be paralyzing. You may feel physically sick when you think about the debt you have, the savings you don’t, or what would happen to your family if you lost your job. When you have anxiety, it’s easy to try and calm yourself by avoiding the situation, but that’s not going […]

Budgeting Methods Financially Successful People Follow

Having a budget is important, but there are many budgeting methods out there, each with a following that swears that it’s the best one that will make you financially successful. While financially successful people almost always use budgeting methods, there are a variety of methods that can work for you. When you find the one that works […]

How to Avoid Overspending This Holiday Season

It’s extremely easy to overspend, especially this time of year. Following some simple budget guidelines can keep you from paying off holiday debt in the new year. With all the hustle and bustle it’s easy to lose track of how much money you are spending. If you have a habit of overindulging on yourself and others during […]

Student Loans and Their Effect of Retirement Savings

Should paying off your student loans take priority, or should saving for retirement be your focus? Saving for retirement and paying off your student loans are equally important. You know that your debt has an impact on your retirement savings, but you may be struggling with how to balance both. What would happen if you hold off […]

How Debt Will Affect Your Retirement

When you are approaching your retirement years, you may be focused on how much you have saved, and not how much you have in debt. But carrying debt into retirement can have a significant impact on your retirement lifestyle. Without a steady income stream from your job, you will be relying on the retirement income that […]

8 Things Financially Successful People Have in Common

Financially successful people are proactive with their finances, meaning they are aware of their specific goals and take deliberate action toward meeting those goals. While it may seem at first glance that financially successful people are just lucky, financial success has little to do with luck. What works best is positive habits and small, continuous […]

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The Financial Impact of Divorce

Divorce can be devastating personally, but many couples don’t consider the financial impact of divorce when deciding to end their marriage. A lot of financial worries comes from fear of the unknown. You may have heard that divorce has a big impact financially, but you don’t understand how. It’s important to take a hard look […]

Ten Year Countdown: Financial Planning for Retirement

When retirement is a decade or less away, it’s common to have a little anxiety about if you’ve done enough. You have had a good career, you’ve been saving, but what you really want to know is: Am I really financially ready? If you are ten years away, financial planning for retirement takes on a new […]

7 Financial Goals You Can Reach in 2020

This year may be halfway over, but there is still plenty of time for setting some financial goals that you can reach by the end of the year. Setting goals gives you an action plan and a path to succeed. You take a desire and convert it into something real. Even if you think you’re financially in […]

7 Smart Money Moves to Make Before You Retire

Life has treated you pretty well up to this point. Your career is going well, your kids are growing up and leaving the nest, and you’re finally starting to focus on yourself and what you want out of life.