Safe Money Partners has created downloadable ebooks and resources to help you learn more about financial resources in general and also step by step workbooks to help you for your individual situation. Being educated about the debt solutions and resources you have available to you, helps you make an informed decision about your budgeting and finances.

These resources are available to download directly from our website. If you have any questions, reach out!

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The Debt Snowball Method Ebook

Our step by step guide will show how this debt reduction strategy uses behavior modification to get you to continue paying down your debt.

3 Disadvantages of Saving With a 403(b) Plan Ebook

Many educators and those in the non-profit world utilize a 403(b) as a part of their retirement benefits. The problem is, most people do not fully understand their 403(b) and its true role in retirement planning.

Identifying Your 3 Values Worksheet

Using our guide, start putting your money towards more of the things that matter most to you.

Planning Ahead Monthly Planner

There are typical expenses that pop up every year. Our worksheet gives you a month by month glance to help you plan.

Debt Free 4 Life Webinar

Our on-demand webinar sheds light on the misconceptions most people have about debt and money management.

Tax Smart 4 Life Webinar

Our on-demand webinar on how to implement a tax-aware strategy to free up cash flow.

Debt Free 4 Life – eBook

This eBook sheds light on the misconceptions most people have about debt and money management. We outline the opportunities and risks people take on in their debt journey.

Tax SMART 4 Life Ebook

The Tax SMART 4 Life ebook is our guide to helping you understand your tax burden on your retirement income, and how you can reduce or minimize that impact through awareness and education.

10 Prospect Questions for the Introductory Call

We’ve compiled a list of the top questions that we normally get from prospective clients. Check them out!

Questions You Should Ask About Your 401K Plan

In this book, we lay out the questions you should ask about your 401k plan and WHY you should ask them.

Questions You Should Be Asking About Your Retirement Plan

Are you certain that the money you have put away towards your retirement will be there when you need it? Our eBook covers some questions you should ask yourself about your current retirement planning.