Withdrawl Rate

What is the typical recommended withdrawal rate for retirement income?

Safe Money Partners: Questions About The CARES Act

Bryan and Kyle from Safe Money Partners talk about the ways that the CARES act can affect your money.

Safe Money Partners: Tax Free Options for Retirement Planning

Bryan from Safe Money Partners talks about some of the tax-free or tax-aware options when it comes to your retirement planning.

Safe Money Partners: Legacy Planning – Build or Buy

Bryan from Safe Money Partners asks, will you build or buy your legacy? Bryan breaks down the differences between the two and helps explain why one might prefer one over the other.

Safe Money Partners: Where Do I Put My Money?

Bryan from Safe Money Partners talks about “the box”. The place where you want to put your money. An IRA, 401k, or a coffee can on the counter. He details out the things and ideas you need to think about when setting money aside or contributing to a retirement plan.

Safe Money Partners: Stimulus Checks and Your 401k or 403b

Kyle from Safe Money Partners talks about the new clause in the CARES act that allows you to withdraw money from your retirement accounts as a loan or cash withdrawal. He details out the qualifications and also talks about having a plan for that money before you make any moves on your retirement accounts.

Safe Money Partners: Options for Accessing Retirement Monies in Current Market

When times are tough, there can be a lot of restrictions when it comes to accessing your money that has been set aside for retirement. If you try to access your 401k, there can be taxes assessed and penalties. Bryan from Safe Money Partners has some ideas to help you balance your retirement dollars and […]

Safe Money Partners: Tammy’s Story

Do you follow the herd with your retirement benefits? Set and forget? Jeffrey Mohlman recently met with a potential client about their retirement planning. At the time, the client was interested but couldn’t commit. Fast forward, the potential client was diagnosed with cancer. They called Jeff and Jeff asked them what their 403b plan, their […]

Safe Money Partners: What Are The Actual Benefits of a 403(b) Plan?

Jeff Mohlman from Safe Money Partners explains what a 403(b) plan marketing and what types of “benefits” you aren’t receiving that you could be.

Safe Money Partners: Should I Contribute More To My 401k?

Jeffrey Mohlman from Safe Money Partners talks about a conversation he had with a client about putting more money into his 401k plan. Jeff argued that in the future the tax will probably be more than it is now. By putting more into his 401k the government will penalize him for saving more! Jeffrey Mohlman […]